Archaeological Science: Publications

Below are listed publications containing results generated by the Elemental Analysis Facility:

Articles 2016

Carter, A., Dussubieux, L., 2016, Geologic provenience analysis of agate and carnelian beads using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS): A case study from Iron Age Cambodia and Thailand, Journal of Archaeological – Reports, 6, 312-331.

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Salvant, J., Schussler, V., McKenna, C., Bruno, L., Ganio, M., Walton, M., 2016, Investigation of an enameled glass mosque lamp: a 13th–14th-century Mamluk example or 19th-century European version?, Heritage Science 4:5, DOI: 10.1186/s40494-016-0073-6

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Articles 2015

Bonjean, D., Vanbrabant, Y., Abrams, G., Pirson, S., Burlet, C., Di Modica, K., Otte, M., Vander Auwera, J., Golitko, M., McMillan, R., Goemaere, E., 2015, A new Cambrian black pigment used during the late Middle-Palaeolithic discovered at Scladina Cave (Andenne, Belgium), Journal of Archaeological Science, 55:256-263.

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Carter, A.K., 2015, Beads, exchange networks and emerging complexity: a case study from Cambodia and Thailand (500 BCE-CE 500), Cambridge Journal of Archaeology, 25(4): 733-757.

Denbow, J., Klehm, C. Dussubieux, L., 2015, The Glass Beads of Kaitshàa: new insights on early Indian Ocean trade into the far interior of southern Africa, Antiquity, 89(344):

Dussubieux, L., Walder, H, 2015, Identifying American native and European smelted coppers with pXRF: A case study of artifacts from the Upper Great Lakes region, Journal of Archaeological Science, 59: 169-178.

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VanValkenburgh, P., Kelloway, S.J., Dussubieux, L., Quilter, J., Glascock, M.D., The Production and Circulation of Indigenous Lead-Glazed Ceramics in Northern Peru During Spanish Colonial Times, Journal of Archaeological Science, 61: 172-185

Articles 2014

Bellina, B., Praon Silapanth, Boonyarit Chaisuwan, Cholawit Thongcharoenchaikit, Allen, J., Bernard, V., Borell, B., Bouvet, P., Castillo, C., Dussubieux, L., Malakie Laclair, J., Sachipan Srikanlaya, Peronnet, S., Pryce, T.O., The Development of Coastal Polities in the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula, in Before Siam. Essays in Art and Archaeology Revire, N. and Murphy, S.A. (Eds), River Books, 68-89.

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Goemaere, E., Henrotay, D., Collette, O., Golitko, M., Delbey, T., Leduc, T., 2014, Caractérisation de la céramique medieval d’Autelbas (Arlon, Belgique) et identification de la source de la matière première, Archeosciences, Revue d’Archéométrie, 38, 31-47.

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Articles 2013

Carter, A.K., Scientific Analysis of Agate and Carnelian Beads from Kopia. In Glass in

Cissé, M., McIntosh, S.K., Dussubieux, L., Fenn, T., Gallagher, D., Chipps Smith, A., Excavations at Gao-Saney: new evidence for settlement growth, trade, and interaction on the Niger Bend in the first millennium CE., Journal of African Archaeology, 11, 1, 9-37.

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Articles 2012

Arnold, D., Bohor, B.F, Neff, H., Feinman, G.M., Williams, P.R., Dussubieux, L., Bishop, R., The First Direct Evidence of Pre-Columbian Sources of Palygorskite for Maya Blue, Journal of Archaeological Science, 39(7), 2252-2260.

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Articles 2011

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Articles 2010

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Articles 2009

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Articles 2008

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Articles 2007

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Articles 2006

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