South American Anthropology: Partnerships

The Museo Contisuyo, located in Moquegua, Peru was founded in 1994 based on the research of an international research consortium of archaeologists and geologists that began under Field Museum auspices in 1981.  Today it serves as the research base and collections maintenance facility for active field research projects from The Field Museum, University of California, University of North Carolina, and the University of Florida, among others.  Hundreds of scholars have conducted research in the program over the past 30 years extending this scope even further.

The Andean Archaeology Program at UIC and The Field Museum offers a joint PhD program since 1995.  Faculty specializations in ethnohistory, bioarchaeology, archaeometry, and GI Science among our Andeanists make us one of the strongest concentrations of Andeanists in the US.  Our graduates teach at international universities and serve in distinguished research institutions.

Current Field Museum Graduate Students in South American Archaeology

Ancira Emily Baca Marroquin (UIC)

John Hicks (UIC)

Douglas Smit (UIC)

David Reid (UIC)

Marie Elizabeth Gravalos (UIC)

Rachael Penfil (UIC)

Andrea Lombardi (UIC)

Corey Bowen (UIC)

Ashley Vance (UIC)

Field Museum Postdoctoral Alumni in South American Archaeology

Nicola O. Sharratt, Charles Benton Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-12

Sofia Chacaltana, Charles Benton Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-16

Field Museum PhD Alumni in South American Archaeology

Chris Dayton (BU 2008)

Ben Vining, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Arkansas (BU 2010)

Robin Coleman Goldstein (NU 2010)

Nicola O. Sharratt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Georgia State University (UIC 2011)

Matthew Piscitelli, Program Officer, National Geographic Society (UIC 2014)

Sofia Chacaltana Cortez, Professor, Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Lima Peru (UIC 2015)

Pilar M. Escontrias H., American Bar Foundation (NU 2016)

Research Associates and Adjunct Curators, South American Anthropology

Dean Arnold (TFM)

Brian Bauer (UIC)

Jane Buikstra (ASU)

William Conklin (TFM)

Nicole Couture (McGill)

Susan deFrance (Florida)

David Goldstein (NPS)

Mark Golitko (Notre Dame)

John Janusek (Vanderbilt)

Maria C. Lozada (U Chicago)

Mike Moseley (Florida)

Donna Nash (UNC-Greensboro)

William Pestle (Miami)

Matthew Piscitelli (NGS)

Mario Rivera (U Magallanes)

Nicola Sharratt (GSU)

Charles Stanish (UCLA)

Kevin Vaughn (UCLA)

Sloan Williams (UIC)