GIS in Science and Education

Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Field Museum are used throughout the museum for communication and research. GIS projects and work include not only the people who work directly with mapping software, but also a far more diverse group of curators, collection managers, researchers, post-docs, analysts, volunteers, and interns. We use GIS and maps for communicating important information, such as terrain, vegetation, and site information for our field research teams, for showing a species distribution range, or for researching topics related to climate change and green infrastructure.

Explore this website for continually changing information on ongoing and past projects, research initiatives, and interactive maps with some of our key data sets freely shared though online mapping portals. If you have questions related to information you see here, visit the about us page for people involved in the museum's GIS working group, or peruse the links tab for helpful mapping GIS and remote sensing resources.