Curiosity Stations

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Monday - Thursday 10:30AM–12:30PM


Free with museum admission

Drop-in anytime between 10:30am–12:30pm Mondays through Thursdays for a 10-minute activity to begin exploring a compelling question or phenomena that will focus your students' learning as they investigate a related exhibition. 

Human Needs and Heritage

Students will explore objects from local cultures to find common human needs and bring awareness of human unity and cultural diversity. Students can then visit the Americas exhibitions to discover connections to their own lives. This activity is targeted for grades 3-5, but all grades welcome.       

It’s Alive! (or Not)

Students will sort through picture cards as a team to discover which items are alive and which are not alive. Using the power of discussion and reasoning, they will solve the question. As you travel on through the Nature Walk exhibition, students can use their new reasoning skills to answer teacher and chaperone questions. This activity is targeted for K-2 grade, but all grades are welcome.

What Skin Were They in?

Looking at the fossilized bones of ancient creatures, we first notice their enormous size, but how was their skin adapted to protect them in different environments? Students will observe adaptations in dinosaur models and investigate how their unusual traits may have helped them survive. Then traveling through Evolving Planet, students can match other creature traits to possible habitats. This activity is targeted for grades 3-5, but all grades are welcome.   

Unwrapping the Secrets of Ancient Egypt

How do scientists know so much about this mastaba created approximately 5,000 years ago? Help decipher the hieroglyphs, and test your skills by cracking messages in modern-day pictographs. Then travel through the ancient tomb to look for more clues about the life of the mummified man for whom this mastaba was originally built. This activity is targeted for grades 6-8, but all grades are welcome.