High School Science and Digital Learning Program

Work with other digital-savvy teens to develop an interactive project during this summer program.

A scientist shares information about the botany collection at the Field Museum with a group of students in a classroom. Images of various plant specimens are laid out on a table as the scientist holds his hands out and lectures. Several cases of wax plant models visible in the background.

The High School Science and Digital Learning Program introduces students entering grades 10–12 to the science and technology of the Field Museum. In this 6-week hybrid program, students who want to learn more about the world around them meet online and at the museum. Together, they gain hands-on scientific research experience in our collections.

Explore careers in science and technology and the inner workings of museums. Students will enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of collections areas. They can learn first hand from real scientists about their research and technology’s critical role in it. Throughout the program, students will work directly with Field scientists, STEM professionals, designers, and other interns. The program culminates with students creating a digital product and giving an online presentation showcasing what they learned from the experience. By participating in the program, students can add to their portfolio and see up close the cutting-edge technology at work in the Field.

The Digital Learning Program runs July 12–August 20. Working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30am–1pm. The Museum will provide all materials and devices—including laptops—necessary to completing the program. Other benefits include:

  • Compensated transportation and lunch for onsite days
  • Free museum admission
  • Discounts at Field restaurants and retail shops


Applications are now closed.