Public Tours

Public tours are cancelled until further notice.

A museum docent talks to two visitors inside the Pawnee Earth Lodge.

Meet your guide at the information desk in Stanley Field Hall to begin your journey.

Refer to our weekly schedules or stop by the information desk on the Main Level for a full list of available tours.

Check out some examples of tours we offer:

Museum Highlights

Hear the stories of SUE, the man-eating lions of Tsavo, Egyptian mummies, and other exhibitions that have made our world-class institution famous.


Discover what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, and explore what we can learn from the fossils of these amazing creatures.

Evolving Planet

See the evolution of life on earth over millions of years—including dinosaurs—as you journey through our Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet exhibition.

Africa Safari

Explore the African savanna, discover the “Big Five,” and meet the man-eating lions of Tsavo.

Ancient America

Experience life in the Americas long before the arrival of Europeans, from the hunter-gatherer cultures of the Ice Age to the great empires of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca.

Ancient Egypt

Walk along the Nile River to see how ancient Egyptians lived in life and death—including a peek at one of the largest collections of mummies in the United States.

Pawnee Earth Lodge

Enter a traditional 1800s home of the Pawnee and learn about Native American life on the Great Plains.

Plants of the World

Walk through the most extensive model plant collection in the world. Learn about the varied historical uses of plants and examine replicas of specimens both exotic and common.

All About SUE

Learn about SUE, the largest and most popular T. rex in the world, including the dinosaur’s journey to the museum and what we continue to learn from this remarkable skeletal specimen.

Gemstones, Gems, and Jewels

Tour the Grainger Hall of Gems, home to a stunning collection of more than 600 gemstones and 150 pieces of antique jewelry.

Travel Through Africa

Explore Africa’s diverse environments, culture, and wildlife through the sights and sounds of life on the continent.