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Caleb McMahan

Head of Zoological Collections; Collections Manager, Fishes

Gantz Family Collections Center
Evolutionary Biology

Caleb is an integrative tropical biologist interested in the evolution, ecology, and distributions of fishes. While most of his work centers around the systematics, taxonomy, and historical biogeography of fishes, he collaborates with scientists active in areas of study such as paleontology, physiology, genomics, environmental science, and behavior. These interdisciplinary approaches offer the most toward enhancing our understanding of biodiversity. He works primarily with Neotropical freshwater fishes of Mexico, Central and South America.

For more information on Caleb's research program and joining the lab, visit Caleb's research website.

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Ph.D., Louisiana State University

M.S., Southeastern Louisiana University

B.S., Erskine College



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Professional affiliations

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Society for Systematic Biologists, Southeastern Fishes Council, Sociedad de Ictiología Mexicana, Neotropical Biogeography Network