Laura Milkert

Conservation Ecology Manager

Keller Science Action Center
Science Focus

    Laura Milkert is a Conservation Ecologist and the Ecological Stewardship Manager for the Keller Science Action Center’s Chicago Region Team. She oversees the Keller Science Action Center's stewardship and habitat restoration efforts throughout the Chicago Wilderness Region, working collaboratively with partners, land owners, and community members to care for local natural areas and to enhance quality of life in urban landscapes.

    Laura’s work integrates her varied experience in program management, habitat restoration, anthropology, and working with communities.Outside of the Field Museum, Laura takes an interest in creative endeavors of various sorts related to native and edible gardens, the intersection of art and nature (photography, papermaking and collage, pottery) and exploring the natural areas and trails of the local region and beyond.

    Education and Work

    Laura holds a B.S. in Sociology and Anthropology from Loyola University of Chicago.Before joining the Field Museum in 2009, Laura was a Program Director for The Community Center Foundation in the moraines and woodlands of Palos Park, where she developed, expanded, and managed environmental education, horticulture, and art programming.