Lisa Niziolek

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    Dr. Niziolek is the Boone Research Scientist in Asian Anthropology. Her research focuses on the Museum's 12th or 13th century Java Sea Shipwreck collection, which, along with other archaeological and historical materials, she is using to investigate maritime trade networks in East and Southeast Asia. Dr. Niziolek also looks at the production and distribution of ceramics using compositional analysis.

    Education and Work

    PhD 2011 University of Illinois at Chicago (Anthropology/Archaeology)

    BA 1996 University of Chicago (Religion and the Humanities)


    Dr. Niziolek served on the curatorial teams for the permanent exhibition the Cyrus Tang Hall of Chinaand the special exhibition China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors.Along with colleagues Drs. Deborah A. Bekken and Gary M. Feinman, she co-edited China: Visions through the Ages,a companion book to the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.Niziolek, Lisa C., Deborah A. Bekken, and Gary M. Feinman. Introduction. In China: Visions through the Ages, edited by Lisa C. Niziolek, Deborah A. Bekken, and Gary M. Feinman, pp. 1–15. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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