William Parkinson

Curator & Associate Director of Anthropology

Negaunee Integrative Research Center
Science Focus

    I am a specialist in European and Eastern Mediterranean Prehistory.  My anthropological research explores the social dynamics of early village societies and the emergence of early states.

    I am the American Director of the Körös Regional Archaeological Project, an international, multi-disciplinary research project aimed at understanding the social changes that occurred on the Great Hungarian Plain throughout the Holocene.

    I also am American Co-Director of The Diros Project, a multi-disciplinary regional research project that explores the social changes that occurred on the western Mani Peninsula of southern Greece throughout the Pleistocene and Holocene.

    Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1999.
    M.A. Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1995.
    B.A. Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992.
    St. Petersburg State University, Russia, 1991.

    Current Research and Faculty Appointments:
    Curator, The Field Museum
    Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago.

    Current Research Projects:
    The Körös Regional Archaeological Project, Hungary

    The Diros Project, Greece

    Prospective Students:
    I encourage prospective students to contact me directly via e-mail (wparkinson@fieldmuseum.org).

    Additional Website Information: