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Published: January 6, 2015

Evolutionary atlas of Malawian birds

Stephanie Ware, Manager, Morphology Labs, SEM


Project Mentor: Dr. John Bates (Associate Curator, Birds, Integrative Research Center)

Project Description: The Bird Division of the Field Museum has conducted a set of modern inventories of birds from sites across the country of Malawi in south-central Africa. Data from these collections is being used in a wide variety of evolutionary research projects. We are putting together data for an Evolutionary Atlas of Malawian birds in which we intend to summarize much of the basic natural history data that can not be published elsewhere while putting those data into the context of the new phylogenetic and phylogeographic data that have been gathered.

Research methods and techniques: This internship will involve working with an Associate Curator (John Bates) and Divisional staff on the computer, in the collections, and with the literature to help organize a large amount of natural history data.

Stephanie Ware
Manager, Morphology Labs, SEM

Stephanie Ware is currently a research assistant in the Division of Insects currently working with Dr. Petra Sierwald. She also works with Mary Hennen in the Division of Birds monitoring the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) populations in Illinois.