Visiting SUE the T. rex: What to Know Before You Go

SUE can’t wait to eat, er, meet you at their new suite starting 12.21.18.

Side view of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull mounted on a pole, in front of a dark red background. The skull is brown in color and a little bit shiny, and its mouth is slightly open showing rows of sharp, curved teeth.

First, a message straight from SUE:

Staff have been working day and night to bring you the best holiday gift: ME. Because the world is wild with anticipation over my return, we expect a higher number of visitors between December 21 and January 6. To ensure your visit with me is the best it can be, I've asked the staff to write up some tips and hints. I look forward to being the highlight of your year.

Getting tickets

SUE’s new permanent home in the Griffin Halls of Evolving Planet is included with any museum ticket: Basic admission, Discovery Pass, or All-Access Pass.

Buy tickets online in advance to guarantee your desired date and time during the holiday season. If you plan to purchase tickets on the day of your visit, we recommend getting to the museum early (psst, we open at 9am). We’re open every day but Christmas, December 25.

Explore ticket options and purchase online

Ticket times

If you visit between December 21 and January 6, you’ll select a specific time slot to see SUE when you buy your ticket. The time on your ticket is the time you should arrive at the entrance to SUE’s new space, so plan to enter Evolving Planet at least 30 minutes before your SUE ticket time.

There are no restrooms inside the exhibition; be sure to make a stop beforehand.

Member tickets

We invite members to join us for SUE member preview days on December 19 and 20. If you’re a member planning to visit on December 21 or later, request your complimentary tickets and preferred entry time at least two days before your visit.

Become a member and see SUE early

Finding SUE’s new suite

What’s a housewarming without directions to the party? SUE’s new home is inside Evolving Planet on our upper level, near the giraffe-sized pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus.

If you’re in our main Stanley Field Hall, follow the flying pterosaurs up the northeast stairs to the entrance of Evolving Planet. Or, look for the east elevators on any floor. Museum staff and volunteers are available to talk all things SUE and show you the way.

At the entrance to SUE’s room inside Evolving Planet (just past the other dinosaurs), a staff member will check your ticket time. Strollers aren’t allowed in SUE’s room, but there’s a designated stroller parking area just outside.

A pterosaur model with folded wings and a very long beak sits in front of a classical arch. A T. rex silhouette is seen on the walls behind it. To the right is a round sign that reads "Evolving Planet."

You're heading the right way when you see the seated pterosaur (and SUE's shadow!) outside Evolving Planet.

Lucy Hewett

What you’ll see

SUE’s the same snarky, ham-loving dinosaur you know and love—just bigger and better. Our scientists and other researchers have been studying this unique specimen over the last 20 years since SUE first arrived at the Field. SUE’s skeleton now reflects the latest in Tyrannosaurus rex science, with the addition of rib-like gastralia bones and other updates.

SUE’s new space immerses you in the world of T. rex as you step into a Late Cretaceous forest. Interactives and animations help bring SUE to life alongside other creatures from 67 million years ago.

SUE’s gallery is presented in both English and Spanish. La galería de SUE está presentada en inglés y en español.

Photos encouraged

SUE welcomes photos of their glorious new look and home, especially ones tagged #SUEOnTheMove. There’s room to take your updated SUE selfies, but on especially busy days, we ask that you give other visitors a chance to get their shot, too.

Please note that we only allow photography in SUE's new space for personal, non-commercial use.

Getting to the Museum

You can reach the Museum by public transit or car. Be sure to check parking rates, which are subject to change based on special events happening on Museum Campus.

More on getting here and parking.

Accessible parking and entrance

There’s paid, wheelchair-accessible parking in the East Museum Lot. Be sure to arrive early to secure your spot. Then, enter through our accessible East Entrance.

Find more details about accessibility at the Field.

Have extra time?

With almost 40 million artifacts and specimens under one roof, you could say there’s a lot to do here. If there’s time to spare before your SUE ticket time, these are just a few of your options:

Have questions or are curious about a particular topic? Be sure to swing by the information desk in Stanley Field Hall for recommendations.

Planning to bring ham or another gift for SUE?

That’s great! SUE loves ham but is also very, very dead. Instead, please consider sharing a welcome back message with @SUEtheTrex or donating that ham to your local food pantry.

Other questions about planning your visit to see SUE? Call us at 312.922.9410 or send us a message.

Thanks for joining us in celebrating SUE’s new home!