The Field Museum offers a limited number of fellowships to graduate students engaged in dissertation research associated with the museum. These fellowships provide a stipend and limited funds for research and travel. We typically award two fellowships each year, both in the amount of $32,000.

Applications open on January 2 and are due February 3(11:59pm Central Standard Time.) Appointments last one-year and begin with the academic year.

Eligibility Requirements

Fellows must also have completed their preliminary examinations. Previous fellowship recipients are not eligible for a second scholarship. Applicants must live in Chicago and be formally involved with the Museum. That is, a Museum scientist must serve as member or chair on the applicant’s academic committee, and their research should rely heavily upon our collections, facilities and/or expertise.

Every application must also be endorsed by a Field Museum scientific sponsor. Please note that Field Museum scientific sponsors can support only one Graduate Student Fellowship application per cycle. Please contact your potential sponsors to develop your application. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that endorsement letters are submitted by the application deadline to—otherwise the application is incomplete.

Fellowship Opportunities

Applicants who meet the aforementioned requirements are eligible for a number of fellowship opportunities.

Armour Graduate Fellowship

The Armour Graduate Fellowship is open to any student enrolled in a PhD program who has completed their qualifying exams.

Women in Science Graduate Fellowship

Sponsored by the Field Museum’s Women’s Board, the Women in Science Graduate Fellowship awards female graduate students who have completed her qualifying exams.

Brown Graduate Fellowship

The Brown Graduate Fellowship is for students enrolled in the Committee on Evolutionary Biology (CEB) training program at the University of Chicago, and this stipend is restricted to US citizens who have completed their qualifying exams.

Application Requirements

Every applicant must submit:

  1. A one- to two-page description of the proposed research (12-point font with one-inch margins.) This description must include the purpose and significance of the project, its procedures and methods, as well as its relevance to Field Museum’s collections, and your overall graduate program. Also include collaboration(s) with Museum scientists and sponsors. Be sure to highlight the significance of the planned project in a way that’s understandable to a broader audience and spark excitement about the project.
  2. CV (in English) with names and contact information of two references in addition to your Field Museum sponsor.
  3. Copy of your thesis proposal.
  4. One letter of reference from a non-Field Museum recommender, sent by them to before the deadline.  
  5. An endorsement letter from a Field Museum sponsor/sponsors, sent by the sponsor to before the deadline. A mentoring statement of no more than one page (12-point font with one-inch margins) should be included in the sponsor letter and should outline planned interactions between the applicant and the Field Museum sponsor(s). This should outline mutual expectations of your individual roles and describe plans for professional and research skill development activities as applicable.

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