Honorary Appointments

A Field Museum Scientific Associate works with students in the Mammals Lab, surrounded by scientific specimens laid out on a table. One person peers through a microscope as another tightens the lid on a glass jar.

Honorary staff appointments at the Field Museum are awarded to diverse scientists and educators who contribute to our  research, collections, science action, and learning efforts. These appointments recognize individuals who have a close and active relationship with the Field Museum, and whose association with us works to the mutual benefit of the Field and the individual, and/or their home institution. While such appointments are conferred on these colleagues as an honor, it is also an honor for us to maintain these relationships and collaborations.

Curators emeritus

Name Institution Area of Expertise
Bennet (Ben) Bronson Field Museum Economic and social evolution of human society, early technology and trade
William Burger Field Museum Botany
Michael O. Dillon Field Museum Botany
John J. Engel Field Museum Bryophytes
Jonathan Haas Field Museum Archaeology, southwestern US and Andean South America
Scott Lidgard Field Museum Bryozoans
Robert Martin Field Museum Primatology, Biological anthropology
Alfred F. Newton Field Museum Biogeography, collection management, ecology, evolutionary biology, identification tools, systematics/phylogeny
Margaret Thayer Field Museum Biogeography, Collection Management, Evolutionary Biology
Harold K. Voris Field Museum Herpetology

Adjunct curators

Name Institution Area of Expertise
Kathleen Adams Loyola University Anthropology of tourism, heritage and the politics of identity, ethnographic arts, and museum studies
Dean Arnold Wheaton College Anthropology, Central and South America
Brian Bauer University of Illinois Chicago Incan Archaeology/Anthro
Tarini Bedi University of Illinois at Chicago Urban anthropology
Deborah Bekken Field Museum Archaeology
James A. Brown Northwestern University Archaeology
Jacob D Campbell Field Museum Environmental Anthropologist
Christopher Carleton Jarrett Field Museum Cultural Anthropologist
Molly Doane University of Illinois Chicago Anthropology
Timothy Earle Northwestern University Archaeology
Ian Glasspool Field Museum Paleobotany
Mitch Hendrickson University of Illinois Chicago Archaeology
Paul Hockings University of Illinois Chicago Anthropology
Sabine Huhndorf Field Museum Fungi, lichens
Matthew H. Johnson Northwestern University Complex societies of Britain and Europe, AD1200-1800
Laura Junker University of Illinois Chicago Archaeology and ethnohistory
Julian C. Kerbis-Peterhans Field Museum African Mammals
Douglas Kiel Northwestern University Native American History and Politics
Mario A. LaMothe University of Illinois Chicago Anthropology
Vincent M. Lamotta University of Illinois Chicago Archaeology
Patrick Leacock Field Museum Biogeography, identification tools, checklists, guides, keys
William Leonard Northwestern University Biological anthropology
Mark Liechty University of Illinois Chicago Cultural anthropology
Thomas W. McDade Northwestern University Human population biology
John Monaghan University of Illinois Chicago Cultural anthropology
Donna Nash University of North Carolina Greensboro Archaeology, State Development and Imperial Expansion
Linda Nicholas Field Museum Archaeology
Lisa Niziolek Field Museum Java Sea Shipwreck
James L. Phillips Field Museum Archaeology, North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, France, Spain
Nigel Pitman Field Museum Conservation Ecology, Botany
Gayatri Reddy University of Illinois Chicago Sexuality, gender, health, community-formation in India
Helen Robbins Field Museum Ethnography, repatriation
Cynthia Robin Northwestern University Archaeology, Households and Everyday Life, Social and Settlement Organization, Space and Place, Gender and Feminist Theory, Maya, Mesoamerica, Complex Societies
Helen Schwartzman Northwestern University Psychological Anthropology, Play and Childhood Development, Work and Organizations, Narratives in Everyday Life, Children and Technology, Ethnographic Methods, United States
D. Doel Soejarto University of Illinois Chicago Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Rodrigo Solinis-Casparius University of Illinois at Chicago Mexican archaeologist who specializes in landscape archaeology
Matt Von Konrat Field Museum Pteridophytes and bryophytes
Mary J. Weismantel Northwestern University Archaeology, art history, gender and sexuality studies
Sloan Williams University of Illinois Chicago Biological Anthropology
Sera Young Northwestern University Anthropology, Archaeology


Name Institution Area of Expertise
Windsor Aguirre DePaul University Fishes
William Surprison (Bil) Alverson University of Wisconsin - Madison Neotropical Botany
Diana (Tita) Alvira Director of Thriving Futures at the Legado Initiative Conservation for Wellbeing
Grace Anderson Magic Cabinet Community Engagement
Toni Anderson Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab Urban Ecology, Community Engagement
Thomas Anton The Ecological Consulting Group Herpetology
Gabriel Arellano Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Neotropical Botany
Gloria Arratia University of Kansas Paleontology, Biogeography, Systematics
Peter Avis Indiana University Northwest ectomycchorizal fungal communities
Daniel Ballhorn University of Minnesota Botany
Rosemary Kathleen Barraclough University of Auckland Birds
Fred Barrie Missouri Botanical Garden Flowering and Edible plants
Allison Beck Black Hawk College Fossil Vertebrates
William Bemis Cornell University Fossil Fishes
Daniel Blake University of Illinois Fossil Invertebrates
Richard Blanton Purdue University Archaeology, Mexico
Rodrigo Botero Fundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS) Biodiversity Conservation
Charles Kevin Boyce Stanford University Paleobotany
Mark Bramstedt Kane-DuPage Soil and Water Conservation District Soil Ecology
R. Michael Brattain Purdue University Entomology
Adriana Bravo Royal Ontario Museum Neotropical Biology
Paul Brinkman North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Paleontology
Stefania Briones Field Museum Bats
Christopher A. Brochu University of Iowa Vertebrate Paleontology
Michael A. Bryson Roosevelt University Sustainability
Jason Bystriansky DePaul University physiologist, osmoregulation in fishes
Rosa Cabrera University of Illinois Chicago Latino Culture, Anthropology
Andrew Campbell University of Chicago Cosmochemistry
Michael Armand P Canilao University of the Philippines Diliman Ethnological of the Philippines
Matthew T. Carrano Smithsonian Institution Dinosaurs
Mitchel Castro Alvarez Field Museum Conservation for Wellbeing, Peru
Maria Chacaltana Cortez Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Lima Peru Andean archaeology
Stephanie Clark Invertebrate Identification, Sydney Paleobiology, ecology, taxonomy
Julia Clarke University of Texas at Austin Fossil Vertebrates
Michael Ivor Coates University of Chicago Paleontology, vertebrate diversity, evolution
Raymond Codrington Aspen Institute Popular culture and race studies, museum and public engagement, policy analysis, and applied research
Timothy M. Collins Florida State University Molecular Systematics, Evolution, Biogeography, and Phylogeography
Richard Condit retired Tropical Ecology
Jacob Cooper University of Kansas Birds
Paul Copp University of Chicago Chinese anthro/archaeology
Peter Crane Oak Spring Garden Foundation Palebotany
Ana Crespo Universidad Madrid Pharmacy
Darin Croft Case Western University Fossil Vertebrates
Andrew Davis University of Chicago Isotope Geochemistry, cosmochemistry
Susan DeFrance University of Florida Zooarchaeology, Andes
Noe U. De la Sancha Chicago State University Paraguayan Mammals
Carl W. Dick Western Kentucky University Inter-relationships of ectoparasites and mammalian hosts
Arvin Diesmos National Museum of the Philippines Herps and Mammals
Marlene Donnelly Field Museum Scientific Illustration
Isabelle Druc University of Wisconsin Anthropology
Paul R. Duffy University of Toronto Anthropology
Mariano Roy Duya University of the Philippines Diliman Mammals
Bethany Elkington University of Illinois Chicago Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Jake Esselstyn Louisiana State University Mammals, speciation, island biogeography, phylogenetics, systematics, and community ecology.
Ronald K. Faulseit Field Museum Archaeology
Margaux Fischer Field Museum Liverworts
John Flynn American Museum of Natural History Fossil Vertebrates
Michael Foote University of Chicago Paleontology, biogeography, evolutionary paleoecology, macroevolution
Catherine Forster SUNY Stony Brook Paleontology, dinosaurs, Ornithiscia
Jörg Fröbisch Museum fur Naturkunde Evolution of mammals
Gary Galbreath Northwestern University Evolutionary and conservation biology research in Southeast Asia
Elliot Gardner   Botany
Bucky Gates Lake Forest College Dinosaurs
Timothy Gaudin University of Tennessee Mammals, evolutionary biology
Daniel L Gebo Northern Illinois University Primate evolution and anatomy
Jochen Gerber Field Museum Land and Freshwater Mollusks
Paul Gignac Oklahoma State University Tetrapod Vertebrates
Gonzalo Giribet Harvard University, Museum of Comparative University Evolutionary biology, animal diversity
Mark Golitko University of Notre Dame Archaeology
Eric Gorscak Midwestern University Dinosaurs
James G. Graham Field Museum Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Lawrence Grossman University of Chicago Meteoritics
Thomas Guensburg Rock Valley College Fossil Vertebrates
Juan Guevara Universidad de las Américas (Ecuador) Neotropical Botany
Attila Gyucha University of Georgia Hungary and Greece Anthropology
William Hammer Augustana College Fossil Vertebrates
John M. Healy Queensland Museum Ultrastructure and taxonomic utility of spermatozoa
Josh Henkin Field Museum Medical ethnobotany
Patrick Herendeen Chicago Botanic Garden Flowering plant evolution
Andrew L. Hipp Morton Arboretum Plant systematics
Jen-Pan Huang Academia Sinica, Taipei Lichens
Rainer Hutterer Alexander Koenig Museum Vertebrates, mammalogy
Boris Igic University of Illinois Chicago Mating, evolution, diversification
Dilyana Ivanova-Zieske Field Museum Balkan ethnography and ethnohistory
David Jablonski University of Chicago Paleontology
Christine Janis Brown University Ungulate paleobiology
Sharon Jansa University of Minnesota Mammals
Yanzhu (Bamboo) Ji Field Museum Birds
Carolyn Schiller Johnson University of Chicago Anthropology, humanities, Asia
Marian Kadushin University of Illinois Chicago Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Charles Kahindo Université Officielle de Bukavu Birds
Christian Kammerer North Carolina Museum of Natural Hsitory Fossil Vertebrates
Kuswata Kartawinata Indonesian Biological Society Botany, ecology
Lawerence H. Keeley University of Illinois Chicago Archaeology
Susan Kirt Chicago State University Ecology, Photography
Az Klymiuk University of Manitoba Paleobotany
Nicholas (Nic) Kotlinski Colorado State Forest Service GIS, Data Visualization
David Krause SUNY Stony Brook Anatomy, paleontology
Daniel Ksepka North Carolina State University Birds
Charo Lanao Atinchik Consultoras Community Engagement
Michael J. Lannoo Indiana University School of Medicine Conservation biology
Tyrone Lavery Australia National University Mammals, island biogeography, indigenous-led conservation in Melanesia
Steven Leavitt Field Museum Lichens and Fungi
Amanda Lee UIC forensic anthropology
Blanca León University of Texas Neotropical Botany
Mark Littman Stagg High School fish systematics and taxonomy
Jen Lobo SAIC Scientific Illustration
R. Eric Lombard University of Chicago Fossil vertebrates
Dylan Lott University of Illinois-Chicago, Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, and the Politics of Representation
Maria Cecilia Lozado University of Chicago Andean archaeology
Robert Lücking The Field Museum Lichens, Fungi
Ernest Lundelius University of Texas at Austin Fossil Vert.
James Luteyn The New York Botanical Garden Neotropical blueberries
Holly Lutz Field Museum Bats, Birds, Evolution
Miguel Macedo Instituto del Bien Común – IBC Environmental Governance
J. Dylan Maddox The Field Museum Evolutions, population genetics, ecology of birds
Renan Maestri Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Mammals
Roberta Mason-Gamer University of Illinois Chicago Ecology, evolution, speciation
Wilfredo Matamoros Universidad de Ciencias Y Artes de Chiapas freshwater fishes of Central America and southern Mexico.
Elio (Wayu) Matapi Fundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS) Community Engagement
Greg Mayer University of Wisconsin-Parkside Systematics and ecology of West Indian and Central American Anolis lizards.
Molly McDonough Chicago State University African Small Mammal Phylogenetics
Matthew McDowell University of Tasmania Small Mammal Faunas, Caves
Maria Ines Messuti Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina Lichenology
Paula M. Mikkelsen Field Museum Invertebrates
Joseph Milanovich Loyola University Chicago Aquatic and Vertebrate ecology, herpetology
Heather Miller -- Native Culture Consultant
Phillip G. Millhouse University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Anthropology
Antonio R. Molina Field Museum Botany
Katherine Moore Powell Lynker Technology Climate Adaptation, Water Resources
Corrie Moreau Cornell University Ants
Debra (Debby) Moskovits Field Museum Conservation Action, Conservation Ecology
Gregory M. Mueller Chicago Botanic Garden Mycology
George Mugambi National Museums of Kenya Mycology
Jon Nations University of Chicago Mammals
Eugenio Nearns Purdue University Entomology
Philip Novack-Gottshall Benedictine University Paleobiology, ecology, taxonomy
Patricia Novick Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships, DePaul University Social Psychology
Janine Ochoa University of the Philippines Mammals, archaeology, paleobiology
Rahul Oka Notre Dame University Economic anthropology
Link Olson University of Alaska Mammals
Anna K. Ormiston The Nature Conservancy Conservation Ecology, Guyana
Nikos Papadopoulos Institute for Mediterranean Studies Anthropology
Khwanruan Papong Mahasarakham University Lichenized fungi
William Pestle University of Miami Bioarchaeology, prehistoric Latin American and Caribbean peoples
Graham Pickren Roosevelt University Sustainability
Roy E. Plotnick University of Illinois Chicago Invertebrate paleontology
Fawn Pochel Art Institute of Chicago First Nations Cultural Consultant
Jan Johan ter Poorten Field Museum Invertebrates
Gareth Powell Brigham Young University Beetles
Ayesha Qazi Field Museum Environmental Science
Ashwin Ravikumar Amherst College Political Ecology
Timothy A. Rawlings Cape Breton University Invertebrates
David Reid University of Illinois Chicago obsidian sourcing in Peru, climate change during the Middle Horizon.
Robert Reisz University of Toronto at Mississauga Vertebrate paleontology
Alan Resetar Field Museum Reptiles and Amphibians
Frank Richter University of Chicago Meteoritics
Marcos Antonio Ríos Paredes Herbario Amazonense (AMAZ), Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana Botany
Mario A. Rivera ICOMOS-Chile Anthropology
Ray Rogers Macalester College Sedimentary geology, taphonomy, marine and terrestrial fossils
John Rogner Illinois Department of Natural Resources Landscape Conservation, Chicago Wilderness
Laurel Ross Field Museum Conservation Ecology, Chicago Wilderness
Daniela Rossoni Florida State University Morphological integration and evolution of bats
Dakota Rowsey Arizona State University Evolution and biogeography of the Philippine mammal fauna
Ana Rosa Sáenz Rodriguez Instituto del Bien Común – IBC Conservation Ecology, Peru
Evan Saitta Field Museum Paleontology
Alejandra Salazar Molano Fundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS) Sociology, Indigenous and Campesino Communites
Rachel Santymire Lincoln Park Zoo Wildlife biology
Apostolos Sarris Institute for Mediterranean Studies Archaeology/Geology
Andre Sartori THIS Institute Invertebrates
Rachel Scarlett Purdue University Conservation Biology
Imke Schmitt Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Evolution of symbiotic organisms partnering with fungi
Birger Schmitz Lund University Meteoritics and stratigraphy
Hans-Peter Schultze University of Kansas Paleontology
Christopher Scotese PALEOMAP Paleogeography
Lydia Scott The Morton Arboretum Urban Foresty
Jodi Sedlock Lawrence University Philippine bats
David Sepkoski University of Illinois Chicago Paleontology
Paul Sereno University of Chicago Fossil Vert., dinosaurs
James Shannon Abbott Engineer; Environment, Health, & Safety
Nicola Sharratt Georgia State University Archaeology, Andean South America
Neil Shubin University of Chicago evolutionary origin of new anatomical features and faunas
Christian A. Sidor University of Washington Vertebrate Evolution during the Permian and Triassic
Velizar Simeonovski Field Museum Scientific Illustration
Steven B. Simon University of New Mexico petrology and cosmochemistry of early Solar System materials
Michelle Singleton Midwestern University Primate Craniofacial Evolution and Development
Graham Slater University of Chicago Geophysical Science
Arif Smith University of Chicago Art, Arts Education
Nathan Smith Howard University Fossil Vert.
Adam Smith Clemson University Paleontology
Stephanie Smith Field Museum Biomechanics
Sergio Solari Universidad de Antioquia Mammals
Robert Stallard University of Colorado Boulder Hydrology, Biogeochemistry
Charles E. Stanish University of California at Los Angeles Prehistoric societies of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile
Thomas Stephan University of Chicago Interplanetary dust particles
Scott J. Steppan Florida State University Origin of biological diversity, rodents and bivalves
Betty Strack Field Museum Mycology
Bryan L. Stuart North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Herpetology
Robert B. Stuebing Field Museum Herpetology
Stuart S. Sumida Cal State San Bernardino Vertebrate paleontology
Daniel A. Summers Field Museum Insects/Collections
Stephen Sutton University of Chicago Meteoritics
Gavin Svenson Cleveland Museum of Natural History Invertebrate Zoology
Fui Lian Tan Field Museum Herpetology
Donald Charles Taphorn Baechle Renewable Natural Resources Department, Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos Occidentales "Ezequiel Zamora" (Retired) Aquatic Zoology
Ryan Thoni Feather River College Systematics and taxonomy of fishes of Asia & Eastern Europe
Robert M. Timm University of Kansas Tropical Mammals
Luis Alberto Torres Montenegro Peruvian Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (PCBC) Neotropical Botany
Andrea Twiss-Brooks University of Chicago Humanities and Area Studies
Smiljana Ubois Independent Researcher Anthropology
Nathan Upham University of Chicago Mammals
David Vaughn Mote Tropical Research Laboratory Aquaculture
Benjamin Vining Boston University Environmental archaeologist
Robert Voss American Museum of Natural History Mammals
Heather Walder University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Archaeology/Great Lakes
Jonathan Walz School for International Training Anthropology and African Studies
Erin B. Waxenbaum Northwestern University Physical Anthropology
Paul W. Webala Maasai Mara University Bats of Kenya
Mark Webster University of Chicago Systematics/phylogenetics, and biostratigraphy, paleontology
Jun Wen Smithsonian Institution Monographic, phylogenetic, biogeographic and ethnobotanical studies of the ginseng family (Araliaceae) and the grape family (Vitaceae)
Alexandra Westrich Vector Disease Control International Insects
Robin Whatley Columbia College Early mammal paleoecology and taphonomy
Alexander White Smithsonian Institution Data science, machine learning, bioinformatics
E. O. Wilson Harvard University Systematics and Ichthyology
Karen Wilson University of Chicago Anthropology, Archaeology
Jack Wittry Field Museum Mazon Creek Fossils
Nyree Zerega Northwestern University Botany