Honorary Appointments

Honorary staff appointments at the Field Museum are awarded to diverse scientists and educators who contribute to our  research, collections, science action, and learning efforts. These appointments recognize individuals who have a close and active relationship with the Field Museum, and whose association with us works to the mutual benefit of the Field and the individual, and/or their home institution. While such appointments are conferred on these colleagues as an honor, it is also an honor for us to maintain these relationships and collaborations.

Curators emeritus

NameInstitutionArea of Expertise
Bennet (Ben) BronsonField MuseumEconomic and social evolution of human society, early technology and trade
Michael O. DillonField MuseumBotany
John J. EngelField MuseumBryophytes
Jonathan HaasField MuseumArchaeology, southwestern US and Andean South America
Scott LidgardField MuseumBryozoans
Robert MartinField MuseumPrimatology, Biological anthropology
Alfred F. NewtonField MuseumBiogeography, collection management, ecology, evolutionary biology, identification tools, systematics/phylogeny
Bruce D. PattersonField MuseumMammalogy
Margaret ThayerField MuseumBiogeography, Collection Management, Evolutionary Biology
Harold K. VorisField MuseumHerpetology
Alaka WaliField MuseumCultural Anthropology

Adjunct curators

NameInstitutionArea of Expertise
Kathleen AdamsLoyola UniversityAnthropology of tourism, heritage and the politics of identity, ethnographic arts, and museum studies
Dean ArnoldWheaton CollegeAnthropology, Central and South America
Brian BauerUniversity of Illinois ChicagoIncan Archaeology/Anthro
Tarini BediUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoUrban anthropology
Deborah BekkenField MuseumArchaeology
James A. BrownNorthwestern UniversityArchaeology
Jacob D CampbellField MuseumEnvironmental Anthropologist
Christopher Carleton JarrettField MuseumCultural Anthropologist
Molly DoaneUniversity of Illinois ChicagoAnthropology
Timothy EarleNorthwestern UniversityArchaeology
Ian GlasspoolField MuseumPaleobotany
Mitch HendricksonUniversity of Illinois ChicagoArchaeology
Paul HockingsUniversity of Illinois ChicagoAnthropology
Sabine HuhndorfField MuseumFungi, lichens
Matthew H. JohnsonNorthwestern UniversityComplex societies of Britain and Europe, AD1200-1800
Laura JunkerUniversity of Illinois ChicagoArchaeology and ethnohistory
Julian C. Kerbis-PeterhansField MuseumAfrican Mammals
Douglas KielNorthwestern UniversityNative American History and Politics
Mario A. LaMotheUniversity of Illinois ChicagoAnthropology
Vincent M. LamottaUniversity of Illinois ChicagoArchaeology
Patrick LeacockField MuseumBiogeography, identification tools, checklists, guides, keys
William LeonardNorthwestern UniversityBiological anthropology
Mark LiechtyUniversity of Illinois ChicagoCultural anthropology
Thomas W. McDadeNorthwestern UniversityHuman population biology
John MonaghanUniversity of Illinois ChicagoCultural anthropology
Donna NashUniversity of North Carolina GreensboroArchaeology, State Development and Imperial Expansion
Linda NicholasField MuseumArchaeology
Lisa NiziolekField MuseumJava Sea Shipwreck
James L. PhillipsField MuseumArchaeology, North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, France, Spain
Nigel PitmanField MuseumConservation Ecology, Botany
Gayatri ReddyUniversity of Illinois ChicagoSexuality, gender, health, community-formation in India
Helen RobbinsField MuseumEthnography, repatriation
Cynthia RobinNorthwestern UniversityArchaeology, Households and Everyday Life, Social and Settlement Organization, Space and Place, Gender and Feminist Theory, Maya, Mesoamerica, Complex Societies
Helen SchwartzmanNorthwestern UniversityPsychological Anthropology, Play and Childhood Development, Work and Organizations, Narratives in Everyday Life, Children and Technology, Ethnographic Methods, United States
D. Doel SoejartoUniversity of Illinois ChicagoMedicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Rodrigo Solinis-CaspariusUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoMexican archaeologist who specializes in landscape archaeology
Matt Von KonratField MuseumPteridophytes and bryophytes
Mary J. WeismantelNorthwestern UniversityArchaeology, art history, gender and sexuality studies
Sloan WilliamsUniversity of Illinois ChicagoBiological Anthropology
Sera YoungNorthwestern UniversityAnthropology, Archaeology


NameInstitutionArea of Expertise
Windsor AguirreDePaul UniversityFishes
William Surprison (Bil) AlversonUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonNeotropical Botany
Diana (Tita) AlviraDirector of Thriving Futures at the Legado InitiativeConservation for Wellbeing
Grace AndersonMagic CabinetCommunity Engagement
Toni AndersonSacred Keepers Sustainability LabUrban Ecology, Community Engagement
Thomas AntonThe Ecological Consulting GroupHerpetology
Gabriel ArellanoUniversidad Autónoma de MadridNeotropical Botany
Gloria ArratiaUniversity of KansasPaleontology, Biogeography, Systematics
Peter AvisIndiana University Northwestectomycchorizal fungal communities
Daniel BallhornUniversity of MinnesotaBotany
Rosemary Kathleen BarracloughUniversity of AucklandBirds
Fred BarrieMissouri Botanical GardenFlowering and Edible plants
Allison BeckBlack Hawk CollegeFossil Vertebrates
William BemisCornell UniversityFossil Fishes
Daniel BlakeUniversity of IllinoisFossil Invertebrates
Richard BlantonPurdue UniversityArchaeology, Mexico
Rodrigo BoteroFundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS)Biodiversity Conservation
Charles Kevin BoyceStanford UniversityPaleobotany
Mark BramstedtKane-DuPage Soil and Water Conservation DistrictSoil Ecology
R. Michael BrattainPurdue UniversityEntomology
Adriana BravoRoyal Ontario MuseumNeotropical Biology
Paul BrinkmanNorth Carolina Museum of Natural SciencesPaleontology
Stefania BrionesField MuseumBats
Christopher A. BrochuUniversity of IowaVertebrate Paleontology
Michael A. BrysonRoosevelt UniversitySustainability
Jason BystrianskyDePaul Universityphysiologist, osmoregulation in fishes
Rosa CabreraUniversity of Illinois ChicagoLatino Culture, Anthropology
Andrew CampbellUniversity of ChicagoCosmochemistry
Michael Armand P CanilaoUniversity of the Philippines DilimanEthnological of the Philippines
Matthew T. CarranoSmithsonian InstitutionDinosaurs
Mitchel Castro AlvarezField MuseumConservation for Wellbeing, Peru
Maria Chacaltana CortezUniversidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Lima PeruAndean archaeology
Stephanie ClarkInvertebrate Identification, SydneyPaleobiology, ecology, taxonomy
Julia ClarkeUniversity of Texas at AustinFossil Vertebrates
Michael Ivor CoatesUniversity of ChicagoPaleontology, vertebrate diversity, evolution
Raymond CodringtonAspen InstitutePopular culture and race studies, museum and public engagement, policy analysis, and applied research
Timothy M. CollinsFlorida State UniversityMolecular Systematics, Evolution, Biogeography, and Phylogeography
Richard ConditretiredTropical Ecology
Jacob CooperUniversity of KansasBirds
Paul CoppUniversity of ChicagoChinese anthro/archaeology
Peter CraneOak Spring Garden FoundationPalebotany
Ana CrespoUniversidad MadridPharmacy
Darin CroftCase Western UniversityFossil Vertebrates
Andrew DavisUniversity of ChicagoIsotope Geochemistry, cosmochemistry
Susan DeFranceUniversity of FloridaZooarchaeology, Andes
Noe U. De la SanchaChicago State UniversityParaguayan Mammals
Carl W. DickWestern Kentucky UniversityInter-relationships of ectoparasites and mammalian hosts
Arvin DiesmosNational Museum of the PhilippinesHerps and Mammals
Marlene DonnellyField MuseumScientific Illustration
Isabelle DrucUniversity of WisconsinAnthropology
Paul R. DuffyUniversity of TorontoAnthropology
Mariano Roy DuyaUniversity of the Philippines DilimanMammals
Bethany ElkingtonUniversity of Illinois ChicagoMedicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Jake EsselstynLouisiana State UniversityMammals, speciation, island biogeography, phylogenetics, systematics, and community ecology.
Ronald K. FaulseitField MuseumArchaeology
Margaux FischerField MuseumLiverworts
John FlynnAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryFossil Vertebrates
Michael FooteUniversity of ChicagoPaleontology, biogeography, evolutionary paleoecology, macroevolution
Catherine ForsterSUNY Stony BrookPaleontology, dinosaurs, Ornithiscia
Jörg FröbischMuseum fur NaturkundeEvolution of mammals
Gary GalbreathNorthwestern UniversityEvolutionary and conservation biology research in Southeast Asia
Elliot GardnerBotany
Bucky GatesLake Forest CollegeDinosaurs
Timothy GaudinUniversity of TennesseeMammals, evolutionary biology
Daniel L GeboNorthern Illinois UniversityPrimate evolution and anatomy
Jochen GerberField MuseumLand and Freshwater Mollusks
Paul GignacOklahoma State UniversityTetrapod Vertebrates
Gonzalo GiribetHarvard University, Museum of Comparative UniversityEvolutionary biology, animal diversity
Mark GolitkoUniversity of Notre DameArchaeology
Eric GorscakMidwestern UniversityDinosaurs
James G. GrahamField MuseumMedicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Lawrence GrossmanUniversity of ChicagoMeteoritics
Thomas GuensburgRock Valley CollegeFossil Vertebrates
Juan GuevaraUniversidad de las Américas (Ecuador)Neotropical Botany
Attila GyuchaUniversity of GeorgiaHungary and Greece Anthropology
William HammerAugustana CollegeFossil Vertebrates
John M. HealyQueensland MuseumUltrastructure and taxonomic utility of spermatozoa
Josh HenkinField MuseumMedical ethnobotany
Patrick HerendeenChicago Botanic GardenFlowering plant evolution
Andrew L. HippMorton ArboretumPlant systematics
Jen-Pan HuangAcademia Sinica, TaipeiLichens
Rainer HuttererAlexander Koenig MuseumVertebrates, mammalogy
Boris IgicUniversity of Illinois ChicagoMating, evolution, diversification
Dilyana Ivanova-ZieskeField MuseumBalkan ethnography and ethnohistory
David JablonskiUniversity of ChicagoPaleontology
Christine JanisBrown UniversityUngulate paleobiology
Sharon JansaUniversity of MinnesotaMammals
Yanzhu (Bamboo) JiField MuseumBirds
Carolyn Schiller JohnsonUniversity of ChicagoAnthropology, humanities, Asia
Marian KadushinUniversity of Illinois ChicagoMedicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Charles KahindoUniversité Officielle de BukavuBirds
Christian KammererNorth Carolina Museum of Natural HsitoryFossil Vertebrates
Kuswata KartawinataIndonesian Biological SocietyBotany, ecology
Lawerence H. KeeleyUniversity of Illinois ChicagoArchaeology
Susan KirtChicago State UniversityEcology, Photography
Az KlymiukUniversity of ManitobaPaleobotany
Nicholas (Nic) KotlinskiColorado State Forest ServiceGIS, Data Visualization
David KrauseSUNY Stony BrookAnatomy, paleontology
Daniel KsepkaNorth Carolina State UniversityBirds
Charo LanaoAtinchik ConsultorasCommunity Engagement
Michael J. LannooIndiana University School of MedicineConservation biology
Tyrone LaveryAustralia National UniversityMammals, island biogeography, indigenous-led conservation in Melanesia
Steven LeavittField MuseumLichens and Fungi
Amanda LeeUICforensic anthropology
Blanca LeónUniversity of TexasNeotropical Botany
Mark LittmanStagg High Schoolfish systematics and taxonomy
Jen LoboSAICScientific Illustration
R. Eric LombardUniversity of ChicagoFossil vertebrates
Dylan LottUniversity of Illinois-Chicago,Tibetan Buddhism, Neuroscience, and the Politics of Representation
Maria Cecilia LozadoUniversity of ChicagoAndean archaeology
Robert LückingThe Field MuseumLichens, Fungi
Ernest LundeliusUniversity of Texas at AustinFossil Vert.
James LuteynThe New York Botanical GardenNeotropical blueberries
Holly LutzField MuseumBats, Birds, Evolution
Miguel MacedoInstituto del Bien Común – IBCEnvironmental Governance
J. Dylan MaddoxThe Field MuseumEvolutions, population genetics, ecology of birds
Renan MaestriUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulMammals
Roberta Mason-GamerUniversity of Illinois ChicagoEcology, evolution, speciation
Wilfredo MatamorosUniversidad de Ciencias Y Artes de Chiapasfreshwater fishes of Central America and southern Mexico.
Elio (Wayu) MatapiFundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS)Community Engagement
Greg MayerUniversity of Wisconsin-ParksideSystematics and ecology of West Indian and Central American Anolis lizards.
Molly McDonoughChicago State UniversityAfrican Small Mammal Phylogenetics
Matthew McDowellUniversity of TasmaniaSmall Mammal Faunas, Caves
Maria Ines MessutiUniversidad Nacional del Comahue, ArgentinaLichenology
Paula M. MikkelsenField MuseumInvertebrates
Joseph MilanovichLoyola University ChicagoAquatic and Vertebrate ecology, herpetology
Heather Miller--Native Culture Consultant
Phillip G. MillhouseUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAnthropology
Antonio R. MolinaField MuseumBotany
Katherine Moore PowellLynker TechnologyClimate Adaptation, Water Resources
Corrie MoreauCornell UniversityAnts
Debra (Debby) MoskovitsField MuseumConservation Action, Conservation Ecology
Gregory M. MuellerChicago Botanic GardenMycology
George MugambiNational Museums of KenyaMycology
Jon NationsUniversity of ChicagoMammals
Eugenio NearnsPurdue UniversityEntomology
Philip Novack-GottshallBenedictine UniversityPaleobiology, ecology, taxonomy
Patricia NovickEgan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships, DePaul UniversitySocial Psychology
Janine OchoaUniversity of the PhilippinesMammals, archaeology, paleobiology
Rahul OkaNotre Dame UniversityEconomic anthropology
Link OlsonUniversity of AlaskaMammals
Anna K. OrmistonThe Nature ConservancyConservation Ecology, Guyana
Nikos PapadopoulosInstitute for Mediterranean StudiesAnthropology
Khwanruan PapongMahasarakham UniversityLichenized fungi
William PestleUniversity of MiamiBioarchaeology, prehistoric Latin American and Caribbean peoples
Graham PickrenRoosevelt UniversitySustainability
Roy E. PlotnickUniversity of Illinois ChicagoInvertebrate paleontology
Fawn PochelArt Institute of ChicagoFirst Nations Cultural Consultant
Jan Johan ter PoortenField MuseumInvertebrates
Gareth PowellBrigham Young UniversityBeetles
Ayesha QaziField MuseumEnvironmental Science
Ashwin RavikumarAmherst CollegePolitical Ecology
Timothy A. RawlingsCape Breton UniversityInvertebrates
David ReidUniversity of Illinois Chicagoobsidian sourcing in Peru, climate change during the Middle Horizon.
Robert ReiszUniversity of Toronto at MississaugaVertebrate paleontology
Alan ResetarField MuseumReptiles and Amphibians
Frank RichterUniversity of ChicagoMeteoritics
Marcos Antonio Ríos ParedesHerbario Amazonense (AMAZ), Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía PeruanaBotany
Mario A. RiveraICOMOS-ChileAnthropology
Ray RogersMacalester CollegeSedimentary geology, taphonomy, marine and terrestrial fossils
John RognerIllinois Department of Natural ResourcesLandscape Conservation, Chicago Wilderness
Laurel RossField MuseumConservation Ecology, Chicago Wilderness
Daniela RossoniFlorida State UniversityMorphological integration and evolution of bats
Dakota RowseyArizona State UniversityEvolution and biogeography of the Philippine mammal fauna
Ana Rosa Sáenz RodriguezInstituto del Bien Común – IBCConservation Ecology, Peru
Evan SaittaField MuseumPaleontology
Alejandra Salazar MolanoFundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (FCDS)Sociology, Indigenous and Campesino Communites
Rachel SantymireLincoln Park ZooWildlife biology
Apostolos SarrisInstitute for Mediterranean StudiesArchaeology/Geology
Andre SartoriTHIS InstituteInvertebrates
Rachel ScarlettPurdue UniversityConservation Biology
Imke SchmittBiodiversity and Climate Research CentreEvolution of symbiotic organisms partnering with fungi
Birger SchmitzLund UniversityMeteoritics and stratigraphy
Hans-Peter SchultzeUniversity of KansasPaleontology
Christopher ScotesePALEOMAPPaleogeography
Lydia ScottThe Morton ArboretumUrban Foresty
Jodi SedlockLawrence UniversityPhilippine bats
David SepkoskiUniversity of Illinois ChicagoPaleontology
Paul SerenoUniversity of ChicagoFossil Vert., dinosaurs
James ShannonAbbottEngineer; Environment, Health, & Safety
Nicola SharrattGeorgia State UniversityArchaeology, Andean South America
Neil ShubinUniversity of Chicagoevolutionary origin of new anatomical features and faunas
Christian A. SidorUniversity of WashingtonVertebrate Evolution during the Permian and Triassic
Velizar SimeonovskiField MuseumScientific Illustration
Steven B. SimonUniversity of New Mexicopetrology and cosmochemistry of early Solar System materials
Michelle SingletonMidwestern UniversityPrimate Craniofacial Evolution and Development
Graham SlaterUniversity of ChicagoGeophysical Science
Arif SmithUniversity of ChicagoArt, Arts Education
Nathan SmithHoward UniversityFossil Vert.
Adam SmithClemson UniversityPaleontology
Stephanie SmithField MuseumBiomechanics
Sergio SolariUniversidad de AntioquiaMammals
Robert StallardUniversity of Colorado BoulderHydrology, Biogeochemistry
Charles E. StanishUniversity of California at Los AngelesPrehistoric societies of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile
Thomas StephanUniversity of ChicagoInterplanetary dust particles
Scott J. SteppanFlorida State UniversityOrigin of biological diversity, rodents and bivalves
Betty StrackField MuseumMycology
Bryan L. StuartNorth Carolina Museum of Natural SciencesHerpetology
Robert B. StuebingField MuseumHerpetology
Stuart S. SumidaCal State San BernardinoVertebrate paleontology
Daniel A. SummersField MuseumInsects/Collections
Stephen SuttonUniversity of ChicagoMeteoritics
Gavin SvensonCleveland Museum of Natural HistoryInvertebrate Zoology
Fui Lian TanField MuseumHerpetology
Donald Charles Taphorn BaechleRenewable Natural Resources Department, Universidad Nacional Experimental de los Llanos Occidentales "Ezequiel Zamora" (Retired)Aquatic Zoology
Ryan ThoniFeather River CollegeSystematics and taxonomy of fishes of Asia & Eastern Europe
Robert M. TimmUniversity of KansasTropical Mammals
Luis Alberto Torres MontenegroPeruvian Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (PCBC)Neotropical Botany
Andrea Twiss-BrooksUniversity of ChicagoHumanities and Area Studies
Smiljana UboisIndependent ResearcherAnthropology
Nathan UphamUniversity of ChicagoMammals
David VaughnMote Tropical Research LaboratoryAquaculture
Benjamin ViningBoston UniversityEnvironmental archaeologist
Robert VossAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryMammals
Heather WalderUniversity of Wisconsin - La CrosseArchaeology/Great Lakes
Jonathan WalzSchool for International TrainingAnthropology and African Studies
Erin B. WaxenbaumNorthwestern UniversityPhysical Anthropology
Paul W. WebalaMaasai Mara UniversityBats of Kenya
Mark WebsterUniversity of ChicagoSystematics/phylogenetics, and biostratigraphy, paleontology
Jun WenSmithsonian InstitutionMonographic, phylogenetic, biogeographic and ethnobotanical studies of the ginseng family (Araliaceae) and the grape family (Vitaceae)
Alexandra WestrichVector Disease Control InternationalInsects
Robin WhatleyColumbia CollegeEarly mammal paleoecology and taphonomy
Alexander WhiteSmithsonian InstitutionData science, machine learning, bioinformatics
E. O. WilsonHarvard UniversitySystematics and Ichthyology
Karen WilsonUniversity of ChicagoAnthropology, Archaeology
Jack WittryField MuseumMazon Creek Fossils
Nyree ZeregaNorthwestern UniversityBotany