Board of Trustees

Trustees pose in front of SUE the T. rex.

The Field Museum, under provisions of our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Statutes, is governed by a Board of Trustees. Our Board of Trustees represents a cross section of Chicago's civic, corporate, professional, and philanthropic communities.

While authorized for up to 85 voting members, the Museum has also elected, per Bylaws, non-voting members in Ex-Officio, National and Life designations. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the capacity of the Museum to fulfill its mission today and for generations to come. They provide leadership and oversight regarding strategic direction and financial resources. The President/CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee

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Wilbur H. Gantz III

Principal, PathoCapital, Inc. Board of Trustees
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Constance T. Keller

Civic Leader Board of Trustees
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John W. Rowe

Chairman Emeritus, Exelon Corporation Board of Trustees
jbucksbaum's picture

John L. Bucksbaum

Owner, Bucksbaum Retail Properties, LLC Board of Trustees
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John A. Canning, Jr.

Chairman, Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC Board of Trustees
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Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz

Chairman & CEO, ComPsych Corporation Board of Trustees
rcolburn's picture

Richard W. Colburn

President, The Negaunee Foundation Board of Trustees
mcruzan's picture

Marsha A. Cruzan

Chicago Market President, US Bank Board of Trustees
jfrank's picture

James S. Frank

Executive Chairman of the Board, Wheels, Inc. Board of Trustees
mfront's picture

Marshall B. Front

Chairman, Front Barnett Associates LLC Board of Trustees
jgreffin's picture

Judy Greffin

(Retired) Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Allstate Insurance Co. Board of Trustees
charris's picture

Caryn Harris

Civic Leader Board of Trustees
dhiller's picture

David D. Hiller

President and CEO, Robert R. McCormick Foundation Board of Trustees
mmaclean's picture

Margaret B. MacLean

President-MacLean Power International, MacLean Power Systems Board of Trustees
bmehta's picture

Bobby Mehta

Former CEO, TransUnion LLC Board of Trustees
mogrady's picture

Michael G. O'Grady

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Northern Trust Board of Trustees
jsarowitz's picture

Jessica P. Sarowitz

Managing Partner & Managing Family Director, Sarowitz Family LLC & Julian Grace Foundation Board of Trustees
msimon's picture

Matthew K. Simon

Head of Ashler Capital, A Citadel Company Board of Trustees
dsolomon's picture

Dawn L. Solomon

Civic Leader Board of Trustees
mtebbe's picture

Mark Tebbe

Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Chicago Board of Trustees
rwirtz's picture

W. Rockwell Wirtz

Chairman, Chicago Blackhawks & President, Wirtz Corporation Board of Trustees
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Richard Lariviere

President and CEO Office of President/CEO


  • Herb Alpert
  • T. Stanton Armour
  • Robert P. Arthur
  • Susan M. Benton
  • Judson Bergman
  • Howard B. Bernick
  • Amy E. Best
  • Judith L. Block
  • Norman R. Bobins
  • Gail K. Boudreaux
  • Willard L. Boyd
  • Jean-Claude Brizard
  • Gregory C. Case
  • Worley H. Clark Jr.
  • James W. Compton
  • David Cotton
  • Mark J. Cozzi
  • Sir Peter Crane FRS
  • Kermit R. Crawford
  • Robert W. Crawford, Jr.
  • Oscar A. David
  • James A. Delaney III
  • Louis T. Delgado
  • Roger K. Deromedi
  • Daniel Diermeier
  • Thomas E. Donnelley II
  • Michael W. Ferro, Jr.
  • Jamee C. Field Kane
  • Marshall Field V
  • Michael E. Flannery
  • Jeffrey T. Foland
  • Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel
  • Jack M. Greenberg
  • Lewis S. Gruber
  • Lani Hall
  • Adnaan Hamid
  • Wayne E. Hedien
  • Pamela K. Hull
  • Richard M. Jones
  • Michael L. Keiser
  • Jeffrey B. Keller
  • Richard L. Keyser
  • William C. Kunkler
  • William H. Kurtis
  • Richard M. Levin
  • Diane von Schlegell Levy
  • Robert B. Loveman
  • Scott P. Marks Jr.
  • John W. McCarter, Jr.
  • Jack Molloy
  • Leo F. Mullin
  • Madhavan Nayar
  • Neil S. Novich
  • James J. O'Connor Sr.
  • James J. O'Connor, Jr.
  • Christopher A. O'Herlihy
  • Asutosh Padhi
  • Charles W. Palmer
  • David C. Parry
  • Aurie A. Pennick
  • John F. Podjasek III
  • Peter B. Pond
  • John Rau
  • Thomas S. Ricketts
  • Jesse H. Ruiz
  • Ryan S. Ruskin
  • Michael J. Sacks
  • Nydia Searle
  • Dr. Michael E. Severino
  • Jai Shekhawat
  • Adele S. Simmons
  • Thomas S. Souleles
  • Kevin Stineman
  • Margie Stineman
  • Michael Tang
  • David M. Tolmie
  • Ryan VanHolsbeke
  • Mark R. Walter
  • Everett S. Ward
  • Laura S. Washington
  • Leslie Weaver
  • Robert L. Wesley
  • William J. White
  • Miles D. White
  • Melvin D. Williams
  • Patrick Wood-Prince
  • Jason M. Wortendyke

Updated on March 15, 2019