Board of Trustees

Wide view of Stanley Field Hall with Máximo the Titanosaur skeleton, two taxidermied elephants, and hanging gardens suspended from the ceiling.

The Field Museum, under provisions of our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Statutes, is governed by a Board of Trustees. Our Board of Trustees represents a cross section of Chicago's civic, corporate, professional, and philanthropic communities.

While authorized for up to 85 voting members, the Museum has also elected, per Bylaws, non-voting members in Ex-Officio, National and Life designations. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the capacity of the Museum to fulfill its mission today and for generations to come. They provide leadership and oversight regarding strategic direction and financial resources. The President/CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Officers and Executive Committee

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W. Rockwell Wirtz

Chair Board of Trustees
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Julian Siggers

President and CEO Office of President and CEO
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Wilbur H. Gantz III

Chair Emeritus Board of Trustees
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John L. Bucksbaum

Vice Chair, Facilities and Administrative Services Board of Trustees
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Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz

Vice Chair, Government Relations Board of Trustees
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Robert W. Crawford, Jr.

Vice Chair, Audit Board of Trustees
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Marsha A. Cruzan

Vice Chair, Governance Board of Trustees
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Jeffrey T. Foland

Vice Chair, Marketing Board of Trustees
mfront's picture

Marshall B. Front

Vice Chair, Investment Board of Trustees
jgreffin's picture

Judy Greffin

Vice Chair, Finance Board of Trustees
dhiller's picture

David D. Hiller

Vice Chair, Integrative Research Board of Trustees
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Jamee C. Field Kane

Vice Chair, Development Board of Trustees
jkeller's picture

Jeffrey B. Keller

Vice Chair, Science Action Board of Trustees
mmaclean's picture

Margaret B. MacLean

Vice Chair, Collections Board of Trustees
bmehta's picture

Bobby Mehta

Vice Chair, Learning Board of Trustees
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Jessica P. Sarowitz

Vice Chair, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion Board of Trustees
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Dawn L. Solomon

Vice Chair, Exhibitions Board of Trustees
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Jason M. Wortendyke

Vice Chair, Retirement and Benefits Board of Trustees
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Michael G. O'Grady

Secretary Board of Trustees
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Richard W. Colburn

At Large Board of Trustees
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Karen Z. Grey-Krehbiel

At Large Board of Trustees
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Constance T. Keller

At Large Board of Trustees
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Matthew K. Simon

At Large Board of Trustees


  • Arjun Aggarwal
  • Susan M. Benton
  • Howard B. Bernick
  • Amy E. Best
  • Kathleen M. Boege
  • Tracy Cahillane
  • David Cotton
  • Mark J. Cozzi
  • Sir Peter Crane
  • Oscar A. David 
  • Sandra Deromedi
  • Marshall Field V
  • Margery Kamin Feitler
  • Michael E. Flannery
  • Jack M. Greenberg
  • Lewis S. Gruber
  • John J. Hamill
  • Caryn Harris
  • Michael L. Keiser
  • Shannon M. Kennedy
  • Richard L. Keyser
  • William C. Kunkler III
  • Joseph P. Lacher
  • Jorge M. Leon
  • Richard M. Levin
  • Diane von Schlegell
  • Neil S. Novich
  • James J. O’Connor, Jr.
  • Christopher A. O’Herlihy
  • Kenneth O’Keefe
  • Asutosh Padhi
  • Aurie A. Pennick
  • John F. Podjasek III
  • Peter B. Pond
  • Scott Rafferty
  • John Rau
  • Thomas S. Ricketts
  • Joan Rubschlager
  • Dr. Dilara Sayeed
  • Nydia S. Searle
  • Michael E. Severino
  • Jai Shekhawat
  • Jennifer L. Sherman
  • Adele S. Simmons
  • Mary L. Smith
  • Judson B. Snyder
  • Thomas S. Souleles
  • Mark Tebbe
  • Marcus von Kapff
  • Mark R. Walter
  • Everett S. Ward
  • Laura S. Washington
  • Patrick Wood-Prince

Ex-Officio Trustees

  • Beth Glass
  • Myetie Hamilton
  • Dr. Ka Yee C. Lee
  • Dr. Javier Reyes
  • Ryan S. Ruskin
  • Alin Schubert
  • Kevin Stineman
  • Margie Stineman

National Trustees

  • Herb Alpert
  • Dr. Nana Banerjee
  • Kermit R. Crawford
  • Gail K. Boudreaux
  • Jean-Claude
  • Daniel Diermeier
  • James Glasser
  • Louise Glasser
  • Lani Hall
  • Leo F. Mullin
  • David C. Parry
  • Michael Tang
  • Leslie Weaver
  • Nancy Hamill Winter

Life Trustees

  • Mrs. T. Stanton Armour
  • Judith S. Block
  • Norman R. Bobins
  • Willard L. Boyd
  • Worley H. Clark, Jr.,
  • John A. Canning, Jr.
  • James W. Compton
  • James A. Delaney III
  • Roger K. Deromedi
  • Thomas E. Donnelley II
  • Michael W. Ferro, Jr.
  • Wayne E. Hedien
  • Pamela K. Hull
  • Richard M. Jones 
  • William H. Kurtis
  • Richard W. Lariviere
  • Robert B. Loveman
  • Scott P. Marks, Jr.
  • John W. McCarter, Jr.
  • James J. O’Connor, Sr.
  • John W. Rowe*
  • David M. Tolmie
  • Robert L. Wesley
  • Miles D. White
  • William J. White


Updated  October 4, 2022