Juliana Philipp

Field Guide Devloper

Keller Science Action Center
Science Focus

      In 2003, I moved from a small city in the Brazilian Amazon to Chicago. After finishing my B.A in Social Sciences, with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology in 2004, I started working at The Field Museum as a volunteer in the Anthropology Collections Center working mainly with South America Collections (especially Brazil, Colombia, and Peru). At that same year, I was hired to work as a collections assistant in the WCE (World's Columbian Exposition) Project. The WCE Project's main goal was to photograph and update the Anthropology database of more than 30.000 objects, which came from the 1893's World's Fair.  I participated in other researching/photographing projects in Anthropology, among them the MLN  (Museum Loan Network) Projects. After working briefly helping to organize the Fossil Fish Collection and the Geology Library, I joined the Science Action Center in 2009 as part of the Andes-Amazon and the Conservation Tools teams. Please visit our web page: fieldguides.fieldmuseum.org