Valerie Masutier

Senior Program Manager, Chicago Region

Keller Science Action Center
Science Focus

      Valerie is the Senior Program Manager for the Chicago Region for the Field Museum’s Keller Science Action Center. Valerie works with an interdisciplinary team to facilitate and implement the Chicago regions specific program initiatives whose efforts advance environmental conservation and preserve cultural heritage. Prior to working at the Field Museum, Valerie worked for the Georgia Department of Transportation in the Office of Environmental Services. As an environmental analyst for GDOT, she gained a passion and appreciation for environmental efforts that aimed to protect species of flora and fauna while also engaging with local communities through transportation projects.

      Education and Work

      Valerie received her B.A and M.A in Anthropology from Georgia State University with a focus in cultural and medical anthropology. Her research interests included examining the lived experience of different communities in the Atlanta region and how institutional policies may have played a factor in behavioral choices regarding health and wellness.