Dive deeper into the Field’s exhibitions with activities that complement classroom learning.

A young woman asks questions about an animal skull in front of a cart labeled Creature Features.

Plan a field trip that's full of discovery

Make the most of your day at the Field with resources designed for school groups pre-K through grade 12. Guide your students through an exhibition with engaging conversation starters and activities. Encourage their curiosity in cultures and the natural world as they examine specimens and artifacts on display.

Your guide to exploring the Field

Use these versatile in-museum activities to design a focused learning experience for your students.

  • Exhibition Investigation Guide

    Investigate a museum exhibition using the claim, evidence, reasoning cycle.

  • Artifact Observation Guide

    Encourage close examination of a single artifact—an object produced by humans—using observations and inferences.

  • Specimen Observation Guide

    Encourage close examination of a single specimen—a collected example of a particular species or type—using observations and inferences.

Plan a Field Trip

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