Learning at Home

Two students write on clipboards while touring the Field Museum.

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Bring the museum home

Want to get your kids excited about science, nature, and history? Parents, educators, and caregivers: here are activities, games, printables, and more for you to do with kids at home or in the backyard. Spot camouflaged reptiles and learn how they evolved to hide. Use your sense of hearing to figure out which kinds of birds are nearby. Look for the suggested grade levels below each activity.

Virtual exhibition

Travel to China and explore 5,000 years of history and culture in the online exhibition for the Cyrus Tang Hall of China. Jump into a scroll painting of a medieval river festival. Search for horses in the landscapes of China’s diverse ecosystems. Or join Monkey King on a journey to get a magic fan.

A section of the Qingming scroll depicting life and work near the Grand Canal during the Sui Dynasty (589–618 AD)

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Nature guides

Get outside and explore the natural wonders local to Chicago and greater Illinois. Kids in grades 6 or higher and adults can use our Field Guides to identify plants, animals, and more.


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