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Amphibians & Reptiles

A tiger salamander crawls across brown-colored fallen leaves.

The Division houses one of the six largest US herpetological collections (over 290,000 specimens in 278,000 catalog entries). The collection is a research resource for the scientific community with a rich history. Worldwide in scope, it includes fluid-preserved specimens, skeletons, cleared & stained preparations, tissue samples, and histology slides. The collection database is accessible online on the Field Museum website and through HerpNET and GBIF. Specimen/tissue loan policies and a guide to visiting the collection are available. The Karl P. Schmidt Memorial Herpetological Library contains over 2,000 books and an extensive reprint collection. In 2005, the entire collection except the Schmidt Library was moved to the underground Collections Resource Center.

Curators, Research Associates and professional staff conduct collection and field-based research. Curatorial and staff contact information and profiles are available. Dedicated volunteers assist with specimen processing, collection care, cataloging, photo requests, specimen identification and visitor assistance.

Students and professionals are encouraged to apply for research scholarships and grants to visit and use the herpetology collections.

The Division's mailing address is: Division of Amphibians and Reptiles Field Museum 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60605-2496 USA

Amphibians & Reptiles Collections