Cultural Heritage: Training

PhD Candidate Sofia Chacaltana Cortez at Cerro Baul, Peru.  photo by R. Williams

Joint PhD Program in Anthropology at Field Museum-UIC

The joint PhD program in Anthropology is training the next generation of cultural heritage scientists.  We are especially proud of our international training efforts, with students in the program coming from Peru, Chile, and the United Kingdom.  These scientists will make an impact on cultural heritage preservation around the globe through their research efforts and through their service in university and government posts.  They will train future generations of scientists in their home countries and will influence government policy on heritage preservation, in a large part based on the foundation they receive through several years of study at The Field Museum.

Iraq Cultural Heritage Project

From 2009-2010, the Field Museum, with funds from the  US State Department through an NGO, IRD, assisted in the training of 20 Iraqi archaeologists and museum professionals from the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad.

They were trained in groups for periods of three or six months, depending on their particular program. Artifact conservation, collection management, exhibit development, museum education, and site preservation were some of the topics covered by FMNH staff and outside experts.