Fieldiana - Submission Procedures


Fieldiana is a peer-reviewed monographic series published by the Field Museum of Natural History. Fieldiana focuses on mid-length monographs and scientific papers pertaining to its collections and research.  Manuscripts of at least 40 but rarely more than 400 pages of text will be considered.  All manuscripts should be submitted via the Fieldiana's ScholarOne Page. 

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Field Museum curators, research associates, and full-time scientific professional staff may submit papers for consideration with minimal financial charges for normal printing. Edited volumes pertaining to Field Museum collections may also be submitted for consideration under a 50% subsidy arrangement. The submission and peer review of these chaptered volumes should be arranged well in advance with the Managing Scientific Editor and the appropriate Associate Editor. Prospective volume editors should consult the section on Edited Works in the GENERAL POLICIES section of our web page.

Submitting Work for Peer Review:

All manuscripts should be submitted to the Managing Scientific Editor via ScholarOne's website. All elements of the work, including the figures, tables, and appendices, must be complete at submission.  To expedite the publication process, we ask that authors prepare their manuscripts for peer review according to the following general style and formatting guidelines. Manuscripts submitted for consideration should be prepared using MSWord (*.doc). Manuscripts must be in English, using American spelling and grammar conventions. The entire manuscript including the figure headings, tables, and appendices should be double-spaced and in 12 pt New Times Roman or Arial font. The title page must include the title and each author's name and affiliation. A mailing and e-mail address should also be provided for the corresponding author. In addition to an electronic copy, two printed copies of the manuscript should be submitted to the Managing Scientific Editor with a brief dated letter of submission. These copies can be printed on both sides of letter-sized paper and all margins should be one inch. Page numbers should be at the bottom of each page. Please also submit the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of at least five possible reviewers. Authors should keep a copy of their manuscript and the original figures and photographs until the manuscript has been accepted for publication.

Edited Works:

Fieldiana primarily publishes mid-length monographs. However, Fieldiana may also publish edited works with separately authored chapters when the subject matter is appropriate to the mission of Field Museum and its collections and research. The submission of edited works should be arranged well in advance with the Managing Scientific Editor and the appropriate Associate Editor.

Eligibility for Submission--Curators, research associates, full-time scientific support staff, full-time paid postdoctoral fellows, graduate students of Field Museum curators, and fellowship awardees may submit edited works for publication in Fieldiana under a 50 % subsidy arrangement.

Volume Editor's Responsibilities--The volume editors organize the subject matter, insure the cohesion of the volume, provide an introductory synthesis of the volume’s contents, and minimize redundancy. The volume editor also is responsible for communications with the chapter authors regarding Fieldiana policies and format, for establishing deadlines, and for all communication of reviewers’ comments, the proofs and electronic and hard -copy reprints.

The Volume Editor should instruct chapter authors to use the same fonts and styles throughout, including in figures and tables, prepare the Table of Contents and Lists of Figures and Tables, write a Preface to the volume that unifies the different chapters and highlights the broad unifying questions the volume addresses, assess whether the Literature Cited sections of each chapter are redundant and, if so, prepare one Literature Cited section for the entire volume. 

Internal references to chapters in the same volume should be in the format "(Smith, this volume)".  The full reference is to be included in the Literature Cited in the usual format.

Figures and tables in edited works should be numbered beginning with 1 for each chapter.

Each chapter should have its own Short Title or Running Head of about 50 characters.

Submission Procedures--All manuscripts of edited volumes should be submitted to the Managing Scientific Editor. In general the preparation of manuscripts should follow the guidelines provided on the author information section of the web page. However, the submission of edited works should also include the following materials:

  • An electronic copy and two printed copies of each chapter should be submitted to the Managing Scientific Editor with a brief dated letter of submission. The volume editor should keep a copy of the entire manuscript and the original figures and photographs.
  • A letter to the Associate Editor that provides the names of two potential reviewers for each chapter. These contacts must be people whom the volume editor believes to be qualified to either review the chapter or identify potential reviewers. With each name the volume editor should provide complete contact information.
  • A letter to the Managing Scientific Editor that commits the volume editor(s) to paying at least 50 % of the publication costs of the volume. The payment must be arranged for prior to printing. Cost estimates can be provided by the Managing Scientific Editor but the final charge will be based on the final invoice provided by the printer.

Response to Peer Reviews--As the reviews are received, the Associate Editor may identify chapters that can be provisionally recommended for rejection or acceptance. The Associate Editor's decision will be given to the volume editor in writing. If a chapter is provisionally accepted, the volume editor is responsible to see that the author(s) revise the manuscripts for final submission. The author(s) must respond in writing to all peer-review comments and incorporate any necessary changes into the manuscript. The author(s) must also justify any reviewers’ comments that they ignore or deem ill-advised. This information is sent to the volume editor, who considers it and works with the author as necessary to improve the work, then forwards it to the Associate Editor with the complete volume.

Authors Copies--Each volume editor receives 15 hard copies of the printed volume at no cost. Additional hard copies of the complete volumes can be requested, when the proofs are returned. The price of these complete volumes will be discounted. The volume editor receives a complimentary PDF of the published volume.

Author Revision Period:

Manuscripts returned to authors for revisions should normally be revised and returned to the appropriate Associate Editor within three (3) months. Revisions on large manuscripts of more than 100 pages or edited volumes must be completed and returned to the Associate Editor within six (6) months of receiving the reviewer’s comments.  With the final revised manuscript, each author should complete and sign a copyright transfer form and send it to the Associate Editor.

Resources for Authors:

  • For matters of spelling and hyphenation use:
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.
  • For a general resource of style use:
  • CBE 6th edition (style guide from the Council of Biological Editors)
  • For specific questions on style consult:
  • A recent Fieldiana publication
  • The STYLE GUIDELINES, found on the Author’s Information web page.

For guidance about figures consult:

Submitting Work for Production:

Following conditional acceptance, a manuscript must be prepared for production. It is the author's responsibility to submit a revised manuscript to the Associate Editor that not only reflects reviewers’ comments and high-quality science, the manuscript must meet Fieldiana's style and format standards. A manuscript that perfectly conforms to Fieldiana style and formatting guidelines will be ready to go to production.

Authors must submit final figures in the size at which they are to be printed.  Oversized figures waste journal space and increase costs.  Please help us avoid this.  The overall dimensions of Fieldiana are 8.5 by 11 inches.
The column and page dimensions are:
Page width (2 columns) 43.5 picas, ~ 7.25 inches
Single column width 21 picas, ~ 3.5 inches
Page height 58 picas, ~ 9.5 inches

If figures are to be placed on facing pages or in specific association with each other or with other material, please indicate this in a note to the copy editor.  Also, please indicate where you envision placement of your figures and tables, if other than near their first mention, in the text.  If you have what could be perceived as unusual features in your manuscript, please explain them in a note to the copyeditor.

Insert the Figure Caption for the cover image on a page before the Table of Contents, and the cover image itself in a file named as such.

Please proofread your Table of Contents and list of figures and tables against the text before final submission.

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