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The Field Museum of Natural History publishes Fieldiana in two series: Fieldiana Anthropology and Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences. Both are peer-reviewed series that focus on mid-length monographs pertaining to the Museum’s collections and research. The two series are international in scope and pertain to subject matter in the fields of (a) Anthropology and (b) Life and Earth Sciences (Botany, Geology, and Zoology). Until December 2010, Fieldiana was published in four series: Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology. The change to Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences will allow more regular publication.

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Our most recent Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences volume is #8:  A checklist and key to the Homalopsid snakes (Reptiliea, Squamata, Serpentes), with the description of New Genera.  John C. Murphy and Harold K. Voris.  Published 24 September 2014. 

Our most recent Fieldiana Anthropology publication is #45: The Shipibo-Conibo: Cultures and Collections in Context. Alaka Wali, J. Claire Odland, Luisa Elvira Belaunde, Nancy Gardner Feldman, Daniel Morales Chocano, Ana Mujica-Baquerizo, and Ronald L. Weber. Published 4 November 2016.

Current issues of Fieldiana are available online at BioOne. Although subscription or payment are likely required, BioOne is part of a Developing World program that provides free or low-cost access to some countries see

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