Popular / Leaflet Series

From the 1920's through the 1970's, The Field Museum's Division of Publications published four series of booklets on popular topics for the general reader. Written in non-technical language by Museum curators and associates, they were designed to give brief accounts of local flora & fauna, cultures & collections displayed in the Museum's exhibitions.

Below is a list of all of the titles published in the series, separated by their traditional subject divisions. Hyperlinked titles will take you to a page providing the full-text version on the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Titles that are not hyperlinked have not yet been digitized.


No. 5. The Thunder Ceremony of the Pawnee.

By Ralph Linton. 1922. 20 pages, 4 illus.

No. 6. Sacrifice to the Morning Star by the Skidi Pawnee.

By Ralph Linton. 1923. 20 pages, 1 illus.

No. 7. Purification of the Sacred Bundles.

By Ralph Linton. 1923. 11 pages, 1 illus.

No. 10. Use of Human Skulls and Bones in Tibet.

By Berthold Laufer. 1923. 16 pages, 1 illus.

No. 30. The Races of Mankind

By Henry Field, with Preface by Berthold Laufer and Introduction by Sir Arthur Keith. 1934 (2nd ed.). 40 pages, 9 illus., 1 plan

No. 36. Mummies

By Richard A. Martin. 1976 (new edition – revised and edited by David P. Silverman). 43 pages, 20 illus.