Fieldiana - Contact Information

Any problems with orders, submissions, or questions may be sent to the Managing Scientific Editor, Janet Voight.

Contact numbers and email addresses:

Fieldiana Office:(312) 665-7890

Janet Voight: (312) 665-7723

Sue Hamnik: (312) 665-7890

Editorial Staff:

Managing Scientific Editor - Janet Voight

Associate Editor, Earth Sciences - Ken Angielczyk

Associate Editor, Life Sciences - Thorsten Lumbsch

Associate Editor, Anthropology - Gary Feinman

Library Representative - Christine Giannoni

Editorial Assistant - Susan Hamnik

Terms of use for Fieldiana Content:

For permissions to reproduce content from the three Fieldiana series, "Fieldiana Botany", "Fieldiana Geology" and "Fieldiana Zoology" or "Fieldiana Life and Earth Sciences", please contact our permissions agent:

The Copyright Clearance Center

222 Rosewood Drive

Danvers, MA 01923.

Tel: (978) 750-8400

Fax: (978) 750-4470

Web: (

For permissions to reproduce content from "Fieldiana Anthropology", contact Gary Feinman, Associate Editor, Anthropology and Curator.

For permissions pertaining to Field Museum miscellaneous publications, or other content not listed on the Copyright Clearance Center website, contact the Managing Scientific Editor for Fieldiana and Associate Curator Janet Voight.