Fieldiana - Editorial Staff

Managing Scientific Editor
Janet Voight
Associate Editor, Earth Sciences
Ken Angielczyk
Associate Editor, Life Sciences
Thorsten Lumbsch
Associate Editor, Anthropology
Gary Feinman
Library Representative
Christine Giannoni
Editorial Assistant
Sue Hamnik

Managing Scientific Editor

The Managing Scientific Editor (MSE) must be a tenured curator from one of the scientific areas. The MSE will be nominated by the Editorial Board in consultation with the head of SAC and the relevant scientific department head.  The nomination will be forwarded to the Vice President, Science and Education, who will make the official appointment.  The appointment will be for three years, with the possibility of two consecutive terms.

The MSE convenes and chairs meetings of the editorial board and works with the Associate Editors to review all manuscript submissions. All manuscripts submitted to Fieldiana go first to the MSE, who evaluates them for suitability (and may reject unacceptable manuscripts at this stage, or after consultation with the appropriate Associate Editor); appropriate manuscripts (in most cases) are then assigned to an Associate Editor. The MSE makes the final acceptance or rejection of revised manuscripts (with consultation with the appropriate Associate Editor) and approves the final, fully formatted manuscripts as ready to send to the Press.

The MSE will prepare the proposed Fieldiana budget for each year. The MSE is the supervisor of the Editorial Assistant (EA), and responsible for preparing annual evaluation and recommendation of salary increases for that person. The MSE is also the person responsible for hiring any staff working on Fieldiana, subject to approval by the Human Resources Department.

The MSE also provides the Editorial Board with a short description of the submitted manuscripts, maintains all files regarding the review process, and answers general inquiries regarding Fieldiana. The MSE works with the EA to monitor standing orders, calculate the print run for each issue, to ensure that proofs are distributed to the authors in a timely fashion, and that publication charges and invoices for standing orders and back stock are paid.  The MSE handles issues created by the back stock, with the goal to increase awareness and use of our science. The MSE may also be involved in fundraising for the journal, and should serve as liaison with the Science Advisory Council.

Associate Editors, Fieldiana

Each of the three Associate Editors must be a curator (preferably tenured) from one of the scientific areas (Anthropology, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences).  Each Associate Editor will be formally appointed by their respective center, in consultation with the MSE. Appointments will be for two years, with the possibility of reappointment.  Terms for the Associate Editors of Anthropology will start on January 1st of the even numbered years, and terms for Associate Editors of Life and Earth Sciences will start on January 1st of the odd numbered years.

Associate Editors will be consulted regarding submissions in their areas of interest.  As needed, they may be called upon to help other Associate Editors with heavy manuscript loads.  They will normally be in charge of identifying potential reviewers, sending out manuscripts for review to determine their suitability for publication and guiding authors during revision of manuscripts that receive generally positive comments.

Library Representative

The Library Representative (LR) will be the head of the library, or designated alternate.  The LR will keep the MSE and head of SAC informed regarding the Library publication exchange program, and other matters as they arise. The LR is also relied upon for professional advice to the MSE concerning all matters Fieldiana.  The LR will participate in regular meetings of the Editorial Board.

Editorial Assistant

The Assistant to the Managing Scientific Editor, in consultation with the MSE, determines print run, verifies all copyright transfers are complete and forwards copyright registration to archives.  The EA helps transfer manuscripts and proofs to the Press and authors, and will also assist the Associate Editors as needed.  The EA maintains the Standing Order List, and, with assistance of Library personnel, maintains the Exchange List.  The EA prepares invoices for Standing Orders and authors, receives and records payments, and assists in inquiries and sales of the back stock as required.


Because of the time and effort demands on the MSE regarding budget oversight and personnel management, there will continue to be a stipend associated with this position.  The amount of this stipend will be negotiated between the MSE candidate and the Vice President, Science and Education.