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Some links to help those who are studying this group, or curating such material in their collections.


  • Linyphiidae in the World Spider Catalog, by Norman I. Platnick, American Museum of Natural History
  • LinyGen An illustrated catalog of the linyphioid genera of the world (includes the sister family Pimoidae), by Gustavo Hormiga, Jeremy A Miller, et al. Dept. of Biological Sciences, George Washington University
  • Linyphiid Spiders of the World site, by Andrei V Tanasevitch, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Linyphiidae at Tree of Life, a collaboratively compiled collection of information about biodiversity
  • Linyphiidae at EOL, the Encyclopedia of Life
  • Linyphiidae at BOLD (Barcode of Life Data) Systems taxonomy browser
  • Linyphiidae research on Mendeley, a free reference manager and academic social network
  • Linyphiidae references at Biodiversity Heritage Library, a library consortium making legacy biodiversity literature accessible
  • Linyphiidae at BugGuide, a site for identification of insects, spiders & their kin occurring in the United States & Canada
  • Linyphiidae at Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia
  • Linyphiidae at Wikispecies, a free species directory
  • A naturalist photo gallery of Linyphiidae by Tom Murray at pBase
  • A Google image search for Linyphiidae can sometimes turn up visual material not readily findable by other means