A supplemental award (NSF DEB 0227440 to PEET 97-12438) was obtained by Dr. Petra Sierwald, Field Museum, Zoology) and PI Bieler. The supplement supported an NSF-sponsored workshop to explore the role and opportunities of biological specimens collections in the anticipated NEON network. P. Sierwald and R. Bieler hosted the workshop CRIPTON in June 2002 at the Field Museum and furnished the final report entitled: NEON-V: CRIPTON Workshop; Collections, Research, Inventories, and People for Taxonomic Opportunities in NEON (Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 14-16 June 2002). The NEON network was never funded.Writing Committee: Petra Sierwald, Rüdiger Bieler, James Hanken, and Robert Magill.

Report available on-line.

View NEON brochure. (.pdf)