A Greener Field

The Field Museum’s Green Team

The Field Museum constantly strives to improve our building operations so that they match our commitment to improving sustainability locally and internationally.  The Field Museum’s green team is called A Greener Field.

A Greener Field began as a grass-roots recycling effort in 1989, and now has over 30 members representing every area of the Museum. A Greener Field provides an outlet for staff to share successes and challenges in terms of greening their departments, as well as a vehicle to initiate and help implement institution-wide programs.

Special Events: The Field Museum as a Green Venue

The Field Museum prides itself on being a green venue for hosting Special Events.

Edible Treasures Garden

Pictured below is the Edible Treasures Garden on the Museum's West Terrace. Over 100 Field Museum staff are on the volunteer garden team; the harvests are shared by volunteers and used for potluck learning activities.

2013 ETG, O'Brien.jpg

 (Photo by Carter O'Brien)